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Bizee Review: Is “Free” Really Free?

There are a lot of Bizee (formerly Incfile) reviews on the web, but few deep dive into the hidden fees and costs of using the service. If you’ve visited the Bizee pricing page, you’ll notice that they have an option for a free package, and if you felt a little red flag rising, you’re not alone.

Incfile rebranded to Bizee as they’re offering a full suite of business services beyond just business formation.

What we’re looking to expose in this review is the 2nd and 3rd bullet points below (and beyond).

  1. Year 1 Cost = $0
  2. Year 2 Cost = ?
  3. Year 3 Cost = ?

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the many reasons why Bizee is an outstanding option for getting your new business up and running, BUT we will also break down the little hidden fees.


9.5 out of 10

Bizee (formerly Incfile) is an exceptional solution for starting and managing your new business in the USA. The best of all: Year one is $0 + State Fee!

10 out of 10
10 out of 10
Ease of Use
9 out of 10
Available Features
8.9 out of 10


Basic LLC formation is free – you just pay the state fees.

Registered agent service is free for the first year.

High-value Gold and Platinum packages offer a wide range of additional services.


No branding or website-building tools are offered.

Customer service quality may vary by package.

Is Bizee Legit?

Two things make Bizee stand out compared to other LLC filing services.

  1. Easy to see transparent pricing
  2. A Free package

Most of their competitors make you jump through hoops and answer a bunch of questions to get to a dreaded “recommended package.”

We say dreaded because that package is almost always a mid to high-tier package that will cost you more money. It’s equivalent to Black Friday pricing, where a retail store doubles its pricing and slaps a 50% off the tag in order to make it seem like a deal.

If you see a recommended package, it’s never the cheapest option with other services.

With Bizee all you have to do is select your Entity Type (80% of all new businesses are LLCs) and then your State. Here’s an example below of the pricing for an LLC in Colorado.

Colorado is one of the cheapest State fees at $1, for the rest of this review we will leave State fees out because they’re the exact same with every service. No matter what you’re going to pay the state fees.

If you want to see your State fee, simply visit this link and select LLC and your State.

How Much Does it Cost to Start an LLC?

How Does Bizee Offer a Free Package?

Bizee’s free silver package truly is free for the first year. But their monetization strategy for their business is LTV which stands for Life Time Value of a customer, so they make money on years 2 and 3, and beyond.

LTV is a tremendous strategy for your business too. That’s because many times it’s much easier to make sales to someone that’s already bought from you. Think about ways you can provide additional products and services for your customers too.

For example, you get a free Registered Agent for the first year with any of their 3 packages.

Each year after the first year, you’ll be charged $119 a year for that service. The Registered Agent is an optional service, so you can decide to cancel that after your first year.

They also offer other upsells which you’ll see under the Comprehensive Services section of this review.

So you may decide to do the free package but have them set up your EIN for you, which would be a one-time $70 fee.

Each year you need to renew your LLC with your State and Bizee offers to do this for you for a $99 one-time fee. Again, you can do this yourself but if you want professionals to handle it, that’s an option as well.

So let’s say you get the free package and decide to keep the Registered Agent service and have Bizee handle your LLC renewal for you. Then your pricing would look like this (we will leave out State fees as they are the same no matter what service or route you go):

  1. Year 1 = $0
  2. Year 2 = $218 (Registered Agent + Renewal is $119 + $99)
  3. Year 3 = $218 (Registered Agent + Renewal is $119 + $99)

Every LLC service out there has ongoing fees like these but the others gouge you in the first year and charge more for these ongoing services.

Here’s why…

When it comes to cost, Bizee can’t be beaten, and that’s because they have $0 of venture Capital. The service is 100% bootstrapped with no outside investment (you can easily Google these things, and you’ll find no funding for Bizee).

When the other services have funding… typical venture capitalists want to make a 5-10x return on their money. These companies (such as LegalZoom, ZenBusiness or TailorBrands) get that return for their investors by sneaking fees into your packages.

Here are some funding numbers:

Just those three competitors have over a BILLION dollars of funding. That’s a lot of investors to keep happy and they do it at your expense.

Now that we’ve uncovered why Bizee costs less, let’s get into the dashboard and available services.

Bizee Review of its Dashboard

When you sign up with Bizee (formerly Incfile), you’ll have access to a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to manage your LLC, S corporation, C corporation, or nonprofit entity. The dashboard is intuitive and easy to navigate, providing a centralized location for managing multiple aspects of your business.

With a clear layout and convenient features, Bizee’s dashboard will be your go-to resource as you build and grow your business.

The main items above on the left hand side that you’ll be interested in are the following:

  • Registered Agent
  • Compliance (Annual Entity Renewals)
  • Completed Documents

In this video below, you can see a sneak peek of what the Dashboard actually looks like:

Bizee Services

Bizee offers an extensive range of services to support your new business. These include:

  • State and IRS filings: Bizee can help you file your annual report, set up an EIN, assume a business name, and more. These services are available as a pay-as-you-go, allowing you to use them as needed.
  • Domain, email, and website setup: Bizee offers assistance with setting up a domain and email, as well as creating a professional website and logo for your business. By consolidating these services within your dashboard, you can manage various aspects of your business in one convenient location.
  • Registered agent services: Bizee provides a registered agent service, which is essential for maintaining your business’s legal compliance. After the first year, you’ll need to pay for this service, but the dashboard makes it easy to change, cancel, or renew your registered agent.
  • Legal services: Bizee offers support for trademarks, business insurance, licenses, permits, and business contracts, ensuring that you have access to necessary legal resources as your business grows.
  • Financial services: Set up business banking, credit cards, and other financial services to organize and secure your business finances.
  • Business listings: Bizee can help optimize your business listings, ensuring that you show up in local search results for potential customers seeking your services.

Real LLC Cost: Comparing it with the 5 most popular LLC formation services

Stay Compliant With Ease

Bizee’s compliance feature is an invaluable tool for ensuring that your business remains legally compliant. The dashboard provides an overview of your annual filing requirements based on your state, along with due dates and associated costs.

You can choose to have Bizee handle your compliance filings, or you can manage them independently. This feature helps maintain the legitimacy of your LLC and ensures that you meet all state requirements.

Access to Important Documents

With Bizee, you’ll have access to your completed documents, filed articles, and statements of the organizer at any time through your dashboard. This feature lets you quickly reference important information and keep track of your business’s legal documentation.

Start your LLC with $0 + State Fee

Virtual Mailbox

Bizee’s virtual mailbox service ensures that any information sent from your registered agent is securely delivered to your online account. This feature helps you stay organized and maintain a clear line of communication with your registered agent.

Support for Non-Bizee Companies

If you already have a company registered outside of Bizee, the platform still offers support for services like a registered agent, compliance, business formation kits, and IRS filings. This flexibility allows you to access Incfile’s comprehensive range of services, regardless of your initial registration method.

Choose the State for Your LLC


In summary, Bizee is an exceptional solution for starting and managing your new business in the USA. With its user-friendly dashboard, comprehensive services, and ongoing support, Bizee provides a one-stop platform to help you establish and grow your business with ease.

By choosing Bizee, you’ll have access to valuable resources and tools that cater to your specific needs, allowing you to focus on building the successful enterprise you’ve always envisioned. Don’t hesitate to take the first step towards creating the life you truly deserve by starting your business with Bizee today.

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