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BizBuddy Journal

  • The Happiness Curve: How Work Factors In

    The Happiness Curve: How Work Factors In

    If you’re in your 20s or 30s, it’s pretty natural to feel a dip in happiness. That’s because there is something called “The Happiness Curve.”

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  • JOB: Just Over Broke

    JOB: Just Over Broke

    It was December 2017 and I just got off a call with a guy named Tim Shiner. I met Tim via a podcast I hosted at my W-2. Tim had his hands in many different businesses and a nice-sized real estate portfolio to go with it. He told me a job is a J.O.B. and…

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  • Pain + Reflection = Progress

    Pain + Reflection = Progress

    In my last Journal entry, I shared a painful story about getting threatened by my first boss (it was also my first week ever on a job). At the time… I thought it was a bit much… but I was also 15 and lacked the maturity to stand up for myself. As I’ve gotten older,…

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  • You Own a Business or It Owns You

    You Own a Business or It Owns You

    I was nervous… but equally excited as I was beginning my first “real job” as a cashier at a local country store. It was the closest place that would hire an awkward 15-year-old and where my hatred for terrible bosses began. I recall on my second day, the owner of the store coming up to…

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