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Why and How to Start a Business

90,000 HOURS is the avg. amount of time an employee works in their lifetime
71% of employees are disengaged at work

Clench… clench… POP!
My morning ritual of slowly clenching my teeth until my jaw would painfully pop.
This was the routine I’d go through so I could fully close my mouth and eat breakfast every day.
I wasn’t sure what the problem was but I couldn’t live with the pain so
I scheduled an appointment with my Doctor.

My Doctor let me know that it was due to clenching and grinding my teeth
while I was sleeping. So he hooked a brother up with this sweet bite guard thing.

However, the TMJ was a symptom of a larger problem.
The cause was due to a different kind of grind that happens between 9 to 5.
Let’s get technical with some psycho babble for a minute…

“A theory that an underlying psychological tension is created when an individual’s behavior is inconsistent with his or her thoughts and beliefs.”

The real cause of my pain was due to the cognitive dissonance I was experiencing.

I understand how painful it is to be stuck at a lifeless job when you have big entrepreneurial dreams.

In 2020 I broke free and started my own business.
It’s been easily the most fulfilling time of my life.

My why is simple. I want your dream and belief that you’re meant to be an entrepreneur to align with your reality. I want to ease that pain by helping you start a business. It all starts here.

A history of painful experiences and the business lessons learned along the way.

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Where Do I Even Begin with Starting a Business?

This depends on where you’re at in your journey. 
Step 1 is deciding what type of business you want to start. 
Step 2 is filling out the BizBuddy Pathway for your business. 
Step 3 is legally forming your business.  
Check out the FAQs below that match up with where you’re at in your process.

What Type of Business Should I Start?

If you’re unsure of what kind of business you want to start you need to assess your situation. Things like your skills, available time, passion(s), money, and risk tolerance all factor into your decision. This post on What Business to Start is a great place to assess your situation and find the right fit for your unique situation.

What is the BizBuddy Pathway?

Research says that 92% of people with a business idea will never start a business. There are no shortages of ideas… execution is the scarce resource. The BizBuddy Pathway is a simplified approach for you to lay out your business journey. Think of it like writing a book. The Pathway is like coming up with the title, storyline, and chapters, so you have the outline of where to begin. This is how you become the 8%.

How Do I Legally Form a Business?

It’s not as difficult as you think. That’s because in the U.S. small businesses accounted for 62% of all new jobs created between 1995 and 2020. That’s why you hear people say small business is the backbone of the economy. Check out this Guide on How to Legally Form a Business (in the U.S.). It will give you a full understanding of what goes into forming your legal entity and the options available to you. If you’re unfamiliar with terms like “Piercing the Corporate Veil” you’ll want to check out that guide.

How Do I Grow My Business?

Congrats. You’re already in the game and looking to grow. BizBuddy was founded by Eric Worral who started his first business at 13 years old (sealing driveways). That was well over 20 years ago when he had to figure out how to get new customers since. No matter what business you’re in you need paying customers. This is a Guide on How to Get More Customers for Your Business. It’s a comprehensive overview of how to think about your category of business and the marketing strategies to implement. Onward and Upward!