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About BizBuddy

Hi, I’m Eric Worral, and I Want to help you start a business.

You should know I’m one of those people that sees an obscure stat or quote and I won’t be able to shake it… it just follows me around like a shadow.

I can boil down why BizBuddy exists to these four shadows:

71% of employees are disengaged at work graph
92% of people with a business idea will Never start a business graph
fear of loss graph
The first regret graph

Let’s unpack that.

Let’s create a hypothetical scenario that you’re in a soul sucking job you hate and you’ve thought about starting a power washing business BUT you’ve been sitting on the idea for awhile without any action

71% of employees are disengaged at work

92% of people with a business idea will never start a business

My purpose with BizBuddy is not let you become part of the 92% that never act on their dreams.

A big reason why that 8% number is so small is that humans are irrational and emotional decision makers.

Sure, we come up with rationales for why we do and don’t, but the roots of our decisions are mostly based in our emotions.

Let’s talk about v. This is a concept first identified by behavioral scientists Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman (source). It states that humans are 2.5 more motivated by the fear of loss than the opportunity of gain.

Let’s say you’re thinking about that powerwashing business and weighing the Pros and Cons:

If you’re like most people those cons far outweigh the pros and then you rationalize why you’ll stick it out with that lifeless job.

“Well I’ve got a mortgage or student loans.”

“I want to do what’s right for my family.”

“What about health insurance?”

But if you think about it… you probably know a successful business owner but you probably don’t know anyone living in a shelter because they failed at a business idea.

Sure there could be some entrepreneurs living lean out there but the STORY of losing everything is a much further stretch. I highlight ‘story’ because that’s what we do. We let our emotions tell us a story about why we shouldn’t do something and why staying the course is the right thing to do.

“I’ve got 6 years into this career and I don’t know if I would get hired anywhere if I left now.”

A This is loss aversion again, btw ^

I want to help vou write a better story because small business is truly the backbone of our economy. It creates jobs and strengthens communities.

More importantly vou’re not building a life of regret. I don’t want you to get to the end and wonder why you worked for 30+ ears in terrible jobs and never acted on those little dreams along the way.

Will you surrender to loss aversion and the cautious story in your head? Or will you check the box below?

“My #1 regret of dying is that I wish they had the courage to live a life

true to myself and not what other expected of me”

What I don’t want you to do is get to the end of your life with the regret that you didn’t live it true to yourself.

I don’t want you to regret not taking that chance on that business idea because you were afraid of the conse-quences.

I want to inspire you to (intelligently) take that leap into entrepreneurship,

If you read that regret above it doesn’t seem 100% connected to starting a business. But again we’re emotional animals.

Just imagine whatever business idea you have and telling the important people about it in your life.

Your brain will fill in all sorts of stories. Maybe parent(s) tell you it’s not a good idea. Or your significant other will leave you if it fails. Vour close friend will be jealous you’re going after something and will tell you’re being stupid.

These little story seedlings are powerful in a negative way. Don’t live your life based on what others think… even worse., don’t live your life based on what YOU THINK others will thin

Now… this is an about me page and it’s been about you.

Here’s a quick rundown of a small portion of the jobs and entrepreneurial adventures I’ve had in my life. I’m probably leaving out about 15 jobs though

  • 1990 – 1997 – Worked on various rental properties with my parents. I was paid in Pizza.
  • 1998 – Worked hourly for my Dad building our Grandma’s house by hand and was briefly fired for not working hard enough
  • 1999 – Started my first business at 13 sealing driveways with my older brother and learned a lot from this experience over three summers
  • 2001 – Got my first “real job” at 15 and my boss threatened my life in the first week
  • 2003 – Worked as a cook at Perkins for 2 years and actually loved it minus the heroin addict peeing in my other coworker’s hat
  • 2005 – Got a summer job in college and was physically threatened at work for the 2nd time by someone twice my age. This time for doing a great job!
  • 2007 – Graduated from college and started working various jobs in event marketing
  • 2008 – Launched a site called micromanajerks.com and it failed and I learned from it
  • 2009 – Bought a rental property at 23 and didn’t know I was a business owner because of that
  • 2010 – Started an event marketing company with 2 friends but we never officially started the busi
ness due to a paperwork error
  • 2012 – Started EMu Productions focused on websites and video production. Holy crap this was an emotional ride. Turns out I don’t like consulting.
  • 2012 – Launched my first YouTube channel and it became a passive revenue stream for me in 2013
that still pays today
  • 2013 – Launched 15+ niche websites doing lead gen in the tent rental space I was undercharged for the value I was driving. Was doing this while working a W2 at a marketing agency.
  • 2016 – Was told to get my suit tailored at my W2. Decided to quit at that moment when I realized it would cost me a day’s salary to afford alterations to my suit
  • 2016 – Got a new job as a Marketing Director and excelled at this job
  • 2020 – Was fired at a W2 job despite incredible results and was very angry about it
  • 2020 – Launched LoCoVentures.co and made more money in my first year than my former W2
  • 2023 – Still running LoCo Ventures and launching the BizBuddy site. Never been happier and more fulfilled with m work-life balance

Some people will read this chronological story and think there was a ton of failures and painful moments.

They would be right.

But what a lot of people miss is the fact that Pain + Reflection – Progress

Too many of us have conditioned ourselves to run from pain but it’s an inevitable part of life.

What we need to do is learn from our painful experiences by sitting in it and thinking about how we can course correct

My guess is that if you’re reading this you have pain with you job. I want you to reflect on the pain and how you can turn it into progress.

I write a BizBuddy Journal focused on the concept of “Pain + Reflection = Progress” | learned this from a book

called Principles by Ray Dalio

You can subscribe to my journal below as we can learn together from painful moments. I want to use those lessons to inspire you to take action and start your entrepreneurial journey.