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Pilot Bookkeeping for small businesses (Quick Review)

Running a small business can be a thrilling adventure, but it comes with its fair share of challenges. Managing your finances and keeping track of all the intricate details can often feel overwhelming. That’s why having a reliable bookkeeping service is essential for small businesses. Enter Pilot, your trusted co-pilot in navigating the financial landscape. In this review, we’ll explore why Pilot is the ideal choice for small businesses and how their comprehensive range of services can help you soar to new heights.

But before diving into Pilot Bookkeeping open waters, I want to share with you the following video, where I talk about the best online bookkeeping services:

Pilot Bookkeeping: Guiding Your Financial Journey

Pilot is not your average bookkeeping service. It’s an innovative platform that combines cutting-edge technology with expert human bookkeepers to provide small businesses with a seamless and efficient financial management experience. With Pilot, you can say goodbye to the tedious and time-consuming task of managing your books and focus on what truly matters—growing your business.

The Powerhouse Behind the Brand

Pilot boasts an impressive team of experienced bookkeepers who have honed their skills working with a diverse range of businesses. They understand the unique challenges faced by small businesses and are adept at providing personalized solutions tailored to your specific needs. From startups to established enterprises, Pilot has got you covered.

Pilot Bookkeeping

Benefits of Pilot Bookkeeping Services

  • Accuracy and Reliability: Pilot’s bookkeepers are meticulous and detail-oriented, ensuring that your financial records are accurate and up to date. Say goodbye to the headache of reconciling accounts or chasing missing transactions.
  • Time-Saving Convenience: As a small business owner, time is a precious commodity. Pilot’s streamlined processes and automation tools free up your valuable time, allowing you to focus on core business activities. Leave the number crunching to the experts.
  • Proactive Financial Insights: Pilot goes beyond basic bookkeeping by providing valuable financial insights and analytics. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of your business’s financial health, enabling you to make informed decisions and seize growth opportunities.
  • Scalability: Whether your business is just starting out or experiencing rapid growth, Pilot can scale its services to accommodate your changing needs. From managing payroll to handling tax obligations, Pilot adapts alongside your business, ensuring smooth operations at every stage.


One of the key factors to consider when choosing a bookkeeping service for your small business is the cost. Pilot understands the varying financial needs of small businesses and offers pricing plans that are both transparent and flexible. Let’s delve into the details of Pilot’s pricing structure:

Pilot Bookkeeping are based on your monthly business expenses, ensuring that you only pay for the services you require. This approach allows for greater customization and affordability, as it aligns with the scale and complexity of your business operations. By tailoring the pricing to your specific needs, Pilot ensures that you get the most value for your investment. While the exact pricing details may vary, depending on your business size and requirements, here is a general overview of Pilot’s pricing tiers:

Ideal for small businesses with lower monthly expenses, the Starter Plan offers a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality. This plan is perfect for startups and early-stage businesses looking to establish solid bookkeeping practices. Pricing for the Starter Plan typically starts at a competitive rate per month.As your business expands, so do your financial management needs. The Growing Plan caters to businesses with moderate monthly expenses, providing additional support and services to accommodate your growth. Pricing for the Growing Plan is designed to reflect the increased complexity and volume of financial transactions and can range from a moderate rate per month.For more established businesses with higher monthly expenses, the Established Plan offers comprehensive bookkeeping services to meet the demands of a growing enterprise. This plan is tailored to businesses that require advanced financial reporting, strategic insights, and seamless integration with existing accounting systems. Pricing for the Established Plan reflects the enhanced level of expertise and support provided and can range from a higher rate per month.

It’s important to note that while these pricing tiers serve as a general guideline, the exact pricing for your business will be determined based on factors such as your specific needs, transaction volume, and the complexity of your financial records.

Transparency is a core value at Pilot, and you can trust that there are no hidden fees or unexpected charges. Pilot aims to provide clarity and simplicity in their pricing structure, enabling you to budget effectively and make informed decisions about the financial management of your small business.

To get precise pricing details for your business and explore the options that best suit your needs, it’s recommended to reach out to Pilot directly. Their friendly and knowledgeable team will be more than happy to discuss your requirements, provide a detailed quote, and guide you through the process.

Remember, investing in a reliable bookkeeping service like Pilot is an investment in the future success and growth of your small business. With their transparent pricing and tailored solutions, Pilot aims to deliver exceptional value and support to help you navigate the financial landscape with confidence.

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Hidden Fees from Pilot: None to Worry About

Pilot takes pride in its transparency, and hidden fees are not a part of their business model. Rest assured, you won’t encounter any surprises or unexpected charges while using their services. What you see is what you get—clear, straightforward pricing with no hidden fees.

Pros & Cons

– Access to Expertise: Pilot’s team of skilled bookkeepers are well-versed in industry best practices and stay up to date with the latest regulations. You can trust that your financials are in capable hands.
– Technology-Driven Efficiency: Pilot leverages advanced software and automation tools to streamline the bookkeeping process, reducing errors and saving you time.
– Dedicated Customer Support: Need assistance or have questions? Pilot’s customer support team is there to provide prompt and friendly assistance whenever you need it. Say goodbye to long waiting times and hello to exceptional service.
– Limited Availability: While Pilot continues to expand its services, it’s currently only available to businesses operating in the United States. However, they have plans to expand globally in the future.

Recommendations to use Pilot Bookkeeping

  • Assess Your Business Needs: Before making a decision, evaluate your business’s bookkeeping requirements. Consider factors such as the volume of financial transactions, the complexity of your records, and the need for additional services like payroll management or tax support. This assessment will help you determine if Pilot’s services align with your specific needs.
  • Explore the Pricing Structure: Pilot offers transparent and flexible pricing based on your monthly business expenses. Take the time to understand their pricing tiers and compare them to your budget. Consider the value and benefits you’ll receive in relation to the cost, ensuring that Pilot’s services fit comfortably within your financial capabilities.
  • Research Customer Reviews and Testimonials: Read reviews and testimonials from other small business owners who have used Pilot’s services. Pay attention to businesses that are similar in size or industry to yours, as their experiences can provide valuable insights. Look for positive feedback regarding accuracy, reliability, customer support, and the overall experience of working with Pilot.
  • Seek Recommendations and Referrals: Reach out to your professional network, industry peers, or local business communities for recommendations on bookkeeping services. If you know someone who has used Pilot, ask about their firsthand experience and whether they would recommend it. Personal referrals can often provide valuable information and peace of mind.
  • Take Advantage of a Free Consultation: Pilot offers a free consultation to discuss your business’s specific needs and provide a tailored quote. Use this opportunity to ask any questions you may have, clarify pricing details, and gain a better understanding of how Pilot can support your bookkeeping requirements. Take notes during the consultation to help you make an informed decision.
  • Consider Pilot’s Expertise: Pilot takes pride in its team of experienced bookkeepers who are well-versed in working with small businesses. Consider their expertise, industry knowledge, and the level of support they can provide. Look for evidence of their understanding of your industry’s unique financial challenges and their ability to provide proactive insights to help your business grow.
  • Evaluate Integration and Support: If you already use accounting software or have specific integration requirements, ensure that Pilot seamlessly integrates with your existing systems. Additionally, assess the level of customer support provided by Pilot. Quick response times, knowledgeable support staff, and accessible communication channels are crucial factors to consider.
  • Take a Trial Run: Pilot offers a trial period to experience their services firsthand. Consider taking advantage of this opportunity to get a feel for their platform, the user experience, and the level of accuracy and efficiency they provide. This trial period can help you assess whether Pilot is the right fit for your business before committing to a long-term partnership.

Remember, choosing the right bookkeeping service is an important decision for your small business’s financial health and success. By carefully considering these recommendations and conducting thorough research, you can make an informed choice and determine if Pilot’s services align with your unique needs and goals.

What People Say

When it comes to choosing a bookkeeping service for your small business, hearing from other business owners who have experienced the service firsthand can be incredibly insightful. From the expertise of their bookkeepers to their dedication to customer support, Pilot has garnered praise for their commitment to helping businesses thrive.

It’s important to note that every business’s experience may vary, and it’s always recommended to do your own research and evaluate your specific needs before making a decision. However, the overwhelmingly positive feedback from small business owners who have chosen Pilot as their bookkeeping service is a testament to the quality and value they bring to the table.

With Pilot as your trusted partner, you can rest assured that your financials are in capable hands, allowing you to focus on growing your business and achieving your entrepreneurial dreams.


Choosing the right bookkeeping service is crucial for small businesses, and Pilot is undoubtedly an exceptional choice. With their blend of human expertise and cutting-edge technology, Pilot takes the burden of bookkeeping off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on what you do best—growing your business.

From accurate financial records to proactive insights, Pilot empowers small businesses to make informed decisions and achieve financial success. So why wait? Let Pilot be your co-pilot in the exciting journey of entrepreneurship, and watch your business thrive.

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