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Notion Project Management Review

This comprehensive guide delves into the depths of Notion Project Management, a tool that blends notes, tasks, and wikis to revolutionize the way teams collaborate and manage projects. With its unique approach, Notion stands as an intriguing option for businesses seeking an all-in-one workspace.

We understand that choosing the right Project Management tool for your business can be a hard decision, especially because the real issue here is if your team can understand and swim through the platform. That’s why we created a super useful calculator tool for you that shows you what’s the exact price you’ll pay for the PM depending on the number of users. Before diving into Notion’s features, I invite you to check this video that explains how to use it. You’ll find a link to this calculator below the video too.

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Notion Project Management

Notion is more than just a project management tool; it’s a versatile platform that combines note-taking, task management, database handling, and more, all in one place. Designed for individuals and teams alike, Notion excels in providing a flexible and customizable workspace that adapts to various project needs.

At its core, Notion is celebrated for its hybrid nature, merging the functionalities of a note-taking app with the robustness of a project management tool. This section explores how Notion’s unique features cater to the diverse needs of modern teams, ensuring a seamless project management experience.

Notion’s Offerings: Understanding Pro, Plus, and Business Tiers

Notion offers three main tiers – Pro, Plus, and Business – each designed to cater to different user needs. Understanding the specific features and capabilities of these tiers is crucial for businesses looking to leverage Notion effectively.

Notion Pro

The Pro tier of Notion is tailored for individuals or small teams. It offers core functionalities like unlimited pages and blocks, advanced permissions, and version history, providing a solid foundation for personal or small-scale project management.

Notion Plus

The Plus tier builds upon the Pro offering, introducing features like SAML SSO, advanced permissions, and admin tools. It’s designed for teams requiring more control and collaboration in their project management.

Notion Business

The Business tier is where Notion’s capabilities are fully unleashed. Aimed at larger teams and enterprises, it offers advanced collaboration tools, dedicated manager support, and enhanced security features, making it a comprehensive solution for complex project management.

Pros and Cons

Embracing Flexibility and Simplicity

  1. All-in-One Workspace: Notion’s strength lies in its ability to combine notes, tasks, databases, and wikis in one unified platform.
  2. High Customizability: The platform allows significant customization, enabling teams to tailor it to their specific project needs and workflows.
  3. Intuitive and User-Friendly: Notion’s clean and simple interface is designed for ease of use, appealing to users who appreciate minimalism and efficiency.

Areas to Consider

  1. Complexity in Advanced Features: Some users may find Notion’s advanced features and customization options overwhelming, especially those new to project management tools.
  2. Limited Traditional Project Management Tools: Notion, while versatile, lacks some of the specific project management functionalities found in more specialized tools.
  3. Performance Issues with Large Databases: Users have reported slowdowns when handling large databases or extensive content within Notion.


Investing in the right project management tool involves a careful consideration of costs. Notion’s pricing structure is tier-based, with the Pro tier being more budget-friendly for individuals or small teams, and the Plus and Business tiers offering more advanced features for larger teams and organizations.

You might have heard about a different Project Management tool like Monday, or Clickup. Let’s talk about the software:

Monday Pro and ClickUp Business

Monday: The PM tool we use

Monday Pro offers a highly customizable platform that excels in workflow automation and visual project tracking, making it a strong contender for teams that prioritize flexibility and automation. To help you understand why we think Monday is a better option than Wrike, here’s an honest review talking about both Project Management services so you can make the final decision:

ClickUp Business

ClickUp Business, on the other hand, is renowned for its all-in-one approach, offering a wide array of features at a competitive price, making it an attractive option for businesses looking for a comprehensive solution.

Making the Right Choice: Notion, Monday Pro, or ClickUp Business?

Each of these tools has its unique strengths. While Notion excels in user experience and integration, Monday Pro shines in customization, and ClickUp offers a broad feature set at great value.


While Notion offers a unique blend of note-taking and project management features, it’s important to assess whether its approach aligns with your business’s specific project management needs. For many organizations, especially those seeking a more traditional and visually engaging project management experience, Monday.com emerges as a more suitable option.

Monday.com stands out with its highly visual, user-friendly interface, making project tracking and team collaboration more engaging and less complex. Its focus on traditional project management functionalities, coupled with a straightforward pricing structure, makes Monday.com a versatile choice for a wide range of businesses.

In choosing the right project management tool, aligning your business requirements with the platform’s features and capabilities is crucial. While Notion offers a unique, all-in-one workspace, Monday.com provides a more focused and user-friendly approach to project management, making it a suitable choice for teams seeking clarity, efficiency, and adaptability in their project management tool. Trust in Monday.com to streamline your operations, enhance productivity, and drive project success in a more structured and intuitive environment.


6.3 out of 10

With its unique approach, Notion stands as an intriguing option for businesses seeking an all-in-one workspace.

6.3 out of 10
A tool that blends notes, tasks, and wikis to revolutionize the way teams collaborate and manage projects.


All-in-One Workspace

High Customizability

Intuitive and User-Friendly


Complexity in Advanced Features

Limited Traditional Project Management Tools

Performance Issues with Large Databases

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