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How Long Does an LLC Filing (actually) Take?

As a business owner or an entrepreneur looking to establish a new venture, the prospect of starting a Limited Liability Company (LLC) can bring forth a whirlwind of emotions. It’s an exciting and monumental milestone, but it can also come with a sense of uncertainty. One of the most prevalent questions we often hear is, “how long does an LLC filing actually take?” It’s a valid concern, one that needs addressing to ease your anxiety and to ensure a seamless transition into business ownership.

So today, we’re pulling back the curtain to give you a comprehensive understanding of the LLC filing process. We’ll provide not only practical advice but also some helpful resources to guide you through the various steps.

But before diving in, I want to share with you the following video because I think it’s really important for you to understand that LLC filing takes depend largely on two factors. Which State you’re in, and if you do standard or expedited filling:

On 12/1/23 Incfile rebranded to Bizee as they’re offering a full suite of business services beyond just business formation.

Understanding LLC Filing

When it comes to LLC filing, each state has its own rules and processing times. Generally, there are two types of processes – standard and expedited. Standard filing takes longer but is less expensive, while expedited filing can get your LLC set up quicker but at an extra cost. Be aware of services that claim to offer more than these two options – they could be misleading you with inflated time frames and prices.

But how do you get accurate and up-to-date information about LLC filing in your state? The trick is to look for resources that offer dynamically updated information. You want information that’s as current as possible, irrespective of when you’re seeking to start your LLC.

The process of LLC filing, though seemingly straightforward, is replete with varying rules and regulations. As each state governs its own LLC formation, they have their unique processing times and guidelines. In general, you would encounter two types of filing processes: standard and expedited:

  • The standard filing usually takes a bit longer due to its high volume, but it’s lighter on your pocket.
  • On the other hand, expedited filing can fast-track your LLC formation but will require an extra fee.

While navigating through LLC filing, it’s crucial to be aware of services that may seem to offer more than just these two options. Some services present a confusing mix of choices with inflated timeframes and costs, which can be misleading and possibly detrimental to your plans. However, fear not. As we journey through this article, we’ll provide some useful tips to avoid such pitfalls.

The trick to getting the most accurate and up-to-date information on LLC filing in your state is to look for resources that offer dynamically updated data. This means the information is regularly updated to reflect current processing times, allowing you to make an informed decision regardless of when you decide to start your LLC.

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Dispelling Myths Around LLC Filing

Choosing a specific state for your LLC is a crucial step, and each state has its own processing timeline. As an example, we’ll focus on Pennsylvania State, where there seems to be a plethora of misinformation circulating about the LLC filing duration. This confusion often stems from a lack of understanding about the different filing options, compounded by the state websites’ often vague information.

State websites, while designed to provide official information, often fall short when it comes to user experience. The process of navigating through these sites can feel cumbersome and frustrating, primarily due to poor communication and an often clunky interface. As a result, finding precise information can be challenging, leading to potential misunderstandings and false expectations.

Deciphering LLC Formation Packages

When you start researching LLC formation services, like Zen Business, you’ll likely come across different packages, each promising a certain timeframe for your LLC filing. Let’s take a closer look at Pennsylvania for instance. They offer three packages with varying timeframes – four to five weeks, nine to eleven days, or six to seven days respectively.

While this may seem appealing, it’s essential to remember that the reality of LLC filing revolves around two real processes: standard and expedited. Therefore, it begs the question – why are there three packages?

This is all a “Black Friday” scheme. For example: You know this TV costs 500 bucks, and what they do is they increase the price to a thousand, and then they say It’s Black Friday, it’s 50% off and it’s only 500 bucks. But if you’d gone in two weeks earlier, you would’ve saw that that was the normal price for that TV anyways, right? They inflate the price so that they can offer a big discount, and then really you’re just kind of getting worked over the coals as the consumer.

The concept of having three packages for LLC filing can be compared to the infamous “Black Friday” retail pricing tactics. These services cleverly create a faux middle option by inflating the expedited filing time to appear as a separate, faster choice, which could be misleading. It’s essentially a marketing strategy designed to entice the consumer to spend more by giving the illusion of more value.

The Maze of State Websites

State websites often leave a lot to be desired when it comes to providing clear information on LLC filing timelines. For instance, the Pennsylvania state website suggests a processing time of four to five weeks, contrasting with the different timeframes presented by Zen Business.

Such discrepancies can cause confusion and even frustration. However, a closer look at the state website reveals a crucial piece of information – they are experiencing delays in processing due to a backlog. This is why the Zen Business timelines may seem off. But how does one figure out the most accurate processing time?

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The Dynamic Tool for Accurate LLC Filing Times

One tool that can be of significant help is Bizee (formerly Incfile), a competitor to Zen Business, which offers dynamically updated information on LLC filing times based on their last 100 orders. This provides a more realistic view of the current processing times. If you check the tool for Pennsylvania, it states 12 weeks for standard filing and nine business days for expedited filing, which is far more accurate than the timeframes suggested elsewhere.

Bizee is an excellent resource for understanding the actual timeline for LLC formation in your state. As it dynamically updates, you can get the most recent data to inform your decisions. If you’re considering using Bizee’s services for your LLC formation, click here.

Why Choose Bizee Over Others?

While there are numerous LLC formation services out there, one reason to consider Bizee over others is its transparent pricing model. With a $0 fee plus the state fee, Bizee’s package includes a registered agent service free for the first year. After the first year, you would only need to pay $119 annually, which is $80 cheaper than Zen Business.

PRICE$0 plus the state feeVarious prices across three packages
PROCESSING TIMEBased on last 100 orders, dynamically updatedMultiple options, potentially misleading
REGISTERED AGENT SERVICEBased on the last 100 orders, dynamically updated$199 in the first year

Transparency, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendly experience are some of the reasons to consider Bizee. Not only can you see a review of their service, but they also offer a sneak peek into the actual dashboard, providing a clear idea of what to expect when setting up your LLC.

Choose the state to create your new LLC

Choose the State for your new LLC


Embarking on your LLC filing journey can seem daunting. However, with the right information, trusted resources, and reliable service, you can navigate the process confidently. Regardless of whether you opt for standard or expedited filing, always remember that each state has its unique procedure and timeline. Make it a point to access up-to-date, dynamically updated resources to stay informed, and choose a service that’s transparent, user-friendly, and aligns with your needs.

The path to setting up your LLC is more akin to a marathon than a sprint. With patience, perseverance, and the right mindset, you’ll soon be on your way to successful business ownership!

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